Canada at 150!

In 1867, the Fathers of Canadian Confederation worked on a visionary project to create a lasting democracy. 150 years later, Canada is a dynamic country with a vast geography, made up of diverse cultures and vibrant communities. Come join us as we celebrate 150 years of Canada's confederacy!

Ottawa 2017 will create 12 months of events and festivals that will result in a special year of national pride and celebration of all that it means to be Canadian. Many of the country's biggest birthday events will happen in Ottawa from new exhibitions at Ottawa's national museums, to unique performances and exciting technological installations in Ottawa's downtown core ... special events will be taking place all year long!

ICSEI at 30!

In 2017, ICSEI will be 30 years old. For three decades, this small organization has focused on making schools around the world excellent and equitable.

ICSEI's purpose is simple yet profound: To enhance the quality and equity of education for all students in schools in all countries. (ICSEI Constitution, revised 2010)

Members of ICSEI come from all corners of the earth and from diverse settings. They hold a variety of perspectives and represent policy makers, practitioners and scholars. ICSEI conferences generally attract people from more than 50 countries and have been held across the globe on every continent.

Join us for serious discussion about what works to improve schools.