Pre-conference Activities:  Foundation Years Post-Graduate Research Forum

8 January 2018, 10:30am to 11:45am

The Foundation Years Post-Graduate Research Forum is part of ICSEI's pre-conference on January 8, 2018 in Singapore.  Its objective is to support "early years" researchers with their current research projects and to highlight current research methodologies.

About the Programme

The Forum will begin with a short 30 minutes hands-on presentation focused on Mixed-Methods research by a leading ICSEI expert.  Following the presentation, participants will breakout into roundtable sessions.

In the roundtables, participants will have the opportunity to share current research projects, network with peers and experts in the field, and ultimately, build mentoring partnerships. In order for the roundtables to meet your research needs, you will be required to submit a brief description (up to 150-words) of your current research project including the topic, research focus, and methodology. This description will be used to facilitate the grouping for the roundtables.

If you plan to attend the forum please complete this online form by Monday, November 27, 2017.




Mixed Methods Research
Speaker: Dr Lai Mei Kuin


Roundtable Discussion


Speakers Information

Dr Lai Mei Kuin
Associate Director of the Woolf Fisher Research Centre at the Faculty of Education, University of Auckland

Dr Lai Mei Kuin is passionate about conducting mixed-method research that improves pressing problems of practice while advancing research knowledge. Along with her colleagues in the Woolf Fisher Research Centre, she was the recipient of the University of Auckland's Research Excellence Award (2015) for her work in co-developing and co-testing an intervention that has improved achievement for 15+ years and across diverse contexts, both in New Zealand and in other countries. The intervention utilises mixed methods in its design within a larger design-based research framework. Mei presents and consults both locally and internationally (e.g., Netherlands, Sweden, Malaysia), working with practitioners, policy-makers and researchers. Her research focuses on designing effective interventions to overcome educational disparities particularly in literacy; partnerships with schools and policy-makers; and collaborative analysis of data for decision-making. Her work has appeared in publications like Teaching and Teacher Education, Handbook of Human and Social Conditions in Assessment, and Reading Research Quarterly (RRQ), where her first authored article was selected for inclusion in the International Literacy Association's edited book, Theoretical Models and Processes of Reading (6th Edition). She is currently the International Co-Chair for Division H, AERA (American Educational Research Association).