State of Art Session

School Improvement for Equity and Excellence: Rhetoric, Possibility or Reality?

New demographic shifts and global effects have added layers of complexities premised on gender, class, race, ethnicity and geography, with consequences to school improvement efforts by education systems and schools.

Central to educational effectiveness research are the questions of "What makes a 'good' school?" and "How do we make more schools 'good'?"" (Reynolds, et al., 2014, p. 197). This session frames the notion of 'good' in terms of equity and excellence.

The State of the Art (SoA) Session further examines these questions at multiple levels of analysis through 3 Provocations facilitated by a pair of international and regional speakers.





1. Individual Level - Issues of Poverty, Class, Race

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How can place-based approaches support individuals from high poverty settings to achieve educational equity and excellence?

1) Prof Chris Chapman
2) Dr Mardiana abu Bakar

2. Organisational Level - Issues of Leadership, Gender

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How can we ensure equitable and excellent leadership of educational organisations?

1) Dr Karen Edge,
2) Dr Asmaa Alfadala

3. System Level - Issues of Geography, Excellence, Centre/Periphery or Urban/Rural in Sub-Saharan Africa or Asia.

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How do we create education systems that can span the challenges of core/peripheral structure, processes and delivery so that all receive an equitable and excellent education?

1) Prof Clive Dimmock
2) Prof Prudence Chou

Chair: Dr Dennis Kwek, National Institute of Education Singapore