Dr Alicia Grunow

Co-Founder of Improvement Collective,
Senior Fellow at Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching

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Alicia Grunow started her career as a bilingual teacher in the Denver Public Schools and then in New York City, working to improve outcomes for students that speak a language other than English. Through this work she discovered a passion for redesigning systems to better meet the needs of these students. She pursued a specialization in Improvement Science and has spent the past six years adapting these methodologies for education at the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching, where she coauthored the seminal book "Learning to Improve."

Alicia remains Senior Fellow at the Carnegie Foundation and recently cofounded the Improvement Collective, a partnership dedicated to helping organizations to build their improvement capacity in order to solve important problems of practice, particularly those that affect disadvantaged children. She received a BA in psychology from Reed College, a Master's Degree in Economics and a doctorate in Education from Stanford University.

Professor Kiyomi Akita

Professor (Research on Classroom Lessons), Graduate School of Education, The University of Tokyo, Japan

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Kiyomi Akita is a professor in Graduate School of Education, Director of the Center for Early Childhood Development, Education and Policy Research, The University of Tokyo, Japan, and she is also the vice-president of World Association of Lesson Studies (WALS) and Research Head of Japan innovative schools network supported by OECD.

Kiyomi major in educational psychology and plays an active role in the research on children's learning and developmental processes embedded in the sociocultural environment of schools, kindergartens and nurseries. She is particularly interested in classroom discourse and inscription systems implemented in classrooms and examines how children learn literacy, subject matter knowledge and reasoning skills. Kiyomi is an expert in Lesson Study and has engaged lesson studies at many schools in Japan as a supervisor for more than 20 years. She has published widely in the areas of reading, childhood education and teacher inquiry.

Ms Lucy Crehan

International Education Consultant, Education Development Trust

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Lucy Crehan is a qualified teacher, an education explorer, and an international education consultant. She was a science and psychology teacher for three years, before completing her Masters in Education at the University of Cambridge, and setting off on an ethnographic, educational exploration of the world's 'top-performing' education systems. She assisted and observed schools in Finland, Canada, Singapore, Japan, New Zealand and Shanghai, spending a month living with educators in each place.

Recounting her findings from her trip, Ms Crehan has published a book - Cleverlands - her book was named as one of The Economist's 'books of the year' within a week of its release. Professor Dylan Wiliam described this book as "a truly important contribution to educational scholarship". She has written a report on teacher career structures for IIEP UNESCO. She now works as part of a team advising foreign governments on education reform at the Education Development Trust.

Dr Carol Campbell

Associate Professor, Leadership, Higher and Adult Education, University of Toronto, Oise

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Dr. Carol Campbell is Associate Professor of Leadership and Educational Change and Co-Director of the Knowledge Network for Applied Education Research (KNAER) Secretariat at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE), University of Toronto. She is an appointed Education Advisor to Ontario's Premier and Education Minister and sits on the International Council of Education Advisers to the Scottish government. Her current research projects include: the state of educators' professional learning in Canada; Ontario's Teacher Learning and Leadership Program; and an international study of teacher identity. Prior to her current appointment, Carol held education, academic and policy roles in Canada, USA and UK. Her recent co-authored books are: Teacher Learning and Leadership: Of, By and For Teachers (Routledge), Empowering Educators in Canada (Jossey-Bass) and Empowered Educators: How High-Performing Systems Shape Teaching Quality Around the World (Jossey-Bass). She also contributes actively on Twitter @CarolCampbell4.