ICSEI Network Pre-conference: Networking with the different networks

January 3, 9:00 -12:00


ICSEI has five active networks:

  • Leadership Network
  • MoRE
  • Data Use
  • 3P
  • Early Childhood

These networks were initiated at the ICSEI Fort Lauderdale conference in 2006 and consist of groups within ICSEI which were already forming and holding events between regular annual meetings. As of 2006 these networks are more closely tied to and officially recognized by ICSEI. At each ICSEI conference these networks hold memberships meetings (open to all ICSEI conference participants) and organize a pre- conferences and symposia. Their symposia often involve members from a number of countries focusing on the network area of interest. The network members engage in ongoing communication in between conferences.

Schedule of the Network Pre-conference

  • 09.00 ? 10.00: introduction of all the networks and the issue or question they would like to put forward

  • 10.00 ? 10.30: coffee break

  • 10.30 ? 11.45: round table session to get to know the networks further and to discuss the issue or question raised by the network

  • 11.45 ? 12.00: closing remarks by the ICSEI president Prof. Dr. Alma Harris.


The five networks

The leadership network is for leaders at all levels: in practice, policy and research. The focus is on sharing and advancing the creation of knowledge in the field of educational leadership, drawing on perspectives from around the globe. The network includes members from all over the world. The Leadership Network currently strives to examine how educational leadership aimed at school effectiveness and strengthening the quality of teaching and learning is enacted and studied in various country contexts. From this work, the aim is to identify emerging themes of interest in the field of educational leadership in and around schools for policy, practice, and research.

The Methods of Researching Educational Effectiveness (MoRE network) focuses on the following:  presenting and interpreting results of empirical studies in educational effectiveness; exchanging ideas for research in effectiveness and evaluation of improvement programs; developing research proposals for studies in educational effectiveness, especially international comparative studies; discussing problems encountered in educational effectiveness research and identify possible solutions; identifying new research methods for issues unique to educational effectiveness; and contributing to the establishment of a data-bank of research instruments used in educational effectiveness studies.

The data use network brings together researchers, policy makers and practitioners working in the field of data-based decision making. The focus is on the use of data, such as assessments, observations, and surveys, to improve education at school, classroom, and individual student level. Important topics for the network are: aspects of policy or practice with regard to data use that have positive impacts in contexts in different countries;  factors that hinder or enable the use of data; effects and side effects of data use; defining effective data use (i.e., what does data use in different countries look like); support of schools in the use of data; characteristics of effective professional development in the use of data.

Practitioners , i.e. teachers, principals, administrators, consultants, trainers have often worked in isolation, but collaboration is required between Policymakers , Politicians  & Practitioners, which is the focus of the 3P network.  It is important to focus on capacity building so that as local educational and children?s services policy is developed it really stimulates and facilitates school improvement, and school improvement becomes integrated into the broader construct of health, wellbeing, community and lifelong learning. The 3P network is a professional practice and research network for all those professionals engaged in the policy determination, planning and delivery of educational and other services to children, young people and families.

The Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC) network consists of a conglomerate of practitioners, researchers and policy makers having attended ICSEI since the beginning of the network in 2008. Globally there?s an increased focus on the economic as well as human benefits of children having attending quality ECEC institutions at a young age. The degree of expansion varies tremendously leaving room for co-national learning. The ECEC-network serves as a platform for getting quick access to and exchanging knowledge about the rapid development of Early Childhood Education and Care around the world, and especially in the countries that network members represent. Since most members are unable to attend the congress on a regular term, the network is updated once a year and congress participants working with ECEC-matters are mostly welcome to join the network.

Theme of the pre-conference and program

The central theme of the pre-conference is networking. For those of you that do not know the ICSEI network we invite you to come to the pre-conference to get to know the networks and their members. For those of you that do know the network and/or are a member of one or more of the networks, use this opportunity to discuss current issues in your field with fellow researchers, practitioners and policy makers.

In the morning each of the networks will introduce themselves shortly and will put forward a question of issue from their field to discuss. The early childhood education network will focus on the pros and cons of different national strategies for supporting access to an/or improvement of Early Childhood Institutions. The data use network will focus on effective professional development in data-based decision making. The MORE network will focus methodological issues in comparative research, such as sampling, age and grade differences in different countries, and issues with translations of surveys (e.g. cultural ways in which people respond to questions). The Educational Leadership network will discuss the theme of globalization: the collaborative enterprise for educational effectives at home and abroad. The 3P Network will consider how policy makers, practitioners and researchers working in collaboration, both locally and globally, can more effectively make a contribution to improve outcomes for communities in general and children and youth in particular.

After this plenary introduction we will break out in round table sessions. Each network will lead one round table. At these tables you can get to know the networks and engage in an in-depth discussion on the issue or question put forward by the network. After the round table sessions, the pre-conference will be ended with closing remarks from our ICSEI president Prof. Dr. Alma Harris.