Early Childhood Education and Care Network

The Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC) Network consists of a conglomerate of practitioners, researchers and policy makers having attended ICSEI since the beginning of the network in 2009. Globally, there's an increased focus on the economic, as well as human, benefits of children attending quality ECEC institutions at a young age. The degree of expansion varies tremendously leaving room for co-national learning. The ECEC network serves as a platform for getting quick access to, and exchanging knowledge about, the rapid development of Early Childhood Education and Care around the world, and especially in the countries that network members represent.
Since most members are unable to attend the Congress on a regular basis, the network stays connected by engaging in virtual meetings every second month. The subjects of the meetings are based on the knowledge, research and interests of the network members. In 2017 the meetings have addressed the latest Starting Strong OECD-report and a Danish project about staff learning from systematic seeking children's perspectives on their ECEC-setting. The rest of 2017 the virtual meetings will address the new ECEC-related initiatives in Scotland, Communication of Learning (Ontario, Canada), Curricula Outcome Assessment (New Zealand), Community Engagement (BC, Canada), Parental Engagement (cross-countries), Outdoor Pedagogy (Sweden) and Multilingual Language Development (Netherlands). New potential ICSEI members are welcome to join the network. This is done by contacting the network convener, Persille Schwartz [email protected] or co-convener Marjolein Deunk at [email protected]. The network may also be reached at twitter using #ICSEI_ECEC