MORE - ICSEI Network

The Methods of Researching Educational Effectiveness (MoRE) began life at ICSEI 2006 in Barcelona and has steadily increased in membership.  Members of the network have consistently submitted papers and symposia to the annual conference in increasing numbers. An annual business meeting of the network takes place during ICSEI conference and provides a forum for  members to exchange ideas and to discuss future activities in a relaxed and supportive environment.

As a network we focus on the following:

  • present and interpret results of empirical studies in educational effectiveness
  • exchange ideas for research in effectiveness and evaluation of improvement programs,
  • develop research proposals for studies in educational effectiveness, especially international comparative studies.
  • discuss problems encountered in educational effectiveness research and identify possible solutions,
  • identify new research methods for issues unique to educational effectiveness, and
  • contribute to the establishment of a data-bank of research instruments used in educational effectiveness studies.

Please contact  [email protected] for more information about MoRE. 

For those who are already members or wish to be members, please visit our Google group