Welcome to the 27th ICSEI congress

Dear delegates and ICSEI members, the ICSEI Board and Yogyakarta State University are honored to host this important congress in Indonesia, South East Asia.

The 2014 umbrella theme will be Redefining Education, Learning, and Teaching in the 21st Century: The Past, Present and Future of Sustainable School Effectiveness.

About Indonesia

Indonesia is the largest archipelago in the world with a total number of 17,508 islands and is located on a crossroad between two oceans, the Pacific and the Indian oceans. It bridges two continents, Asia and Australia.

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About Yogyakarta

In the shadow of an active volcano is the seat of a once mighty Javanese empire, the city of Yogyakarta. It has a history of classical Javanese fine art and culture such as batik, sculpture, ballet, drama, music, poetry and puppet shows.

Yogyakarta is a higher education centre, with over 80 higher education institutions.

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About Yogyakarta State University

Yogyakarta State University (YSU) is a university conveniently located in Sleman District of the Yogyakarta Special Territory.

Established in 1964, YSU maintains a strong reputation as an educational institution which produces professional teachers and caters for the education sector.

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President's Message

As President, it is with great pleasure and pride that I invite you to be part of ICSEI 2014 in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. This promises to be an exceptional conference located in a culturally diverse and vibrant part of Asia.

The conference team has worked very hard to construct a programme that will provide a mix of perspectives on a diverse range of themes. The speakers are internationally known and will bring their own challenges and views on the field of school effectiveness and school improvement. The conference will not only be intellectually engaging but also culturally stimulating.

The team in Santiago raised the bar once again on the quality of the ICSEI conference. It was, without question, one of the best conferences I have attended and many ICSEI delegates also agreed. Hopefully, many of these participants will be making their way to Yogyakarta in 2014 to experience yet another high quality conference in a truly wonderful part of the world.

ICSEI remains an organization that is committed to equity and excellence. Over the years its intellectual journey may have taken various paths but its moral purpose has never wavered. It remains committed to social justice and educational success for every child, whatever their background or context. In changing and challenging times, it is important that we, as educators, learn from each other, share with each other but most importantly re-affirm that there is no ceiling on educational success and no limits on learning.

I look forward to welcoming you to a part of the world, I now call home and engaging in the high quality debate, discussion and reflection that characterises and defines ICSEI.

Professor Alma Harris
ICSEI President
University of Malaya


A Welcoming Message from the Organizing Committee

Welcome to the website of the 27th ICSEI Annual Conference  to be held in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, from 2-7 January 2014.

On behalf of the Organizing Committee, let me extend a very warm invitation to researchers, practitioners, and policy makers of schooling education to participate in the 27th ICSEI Annual Conference, which will be hosted by the Yogyakarta State University, one of the prestigious universities in Indonesia.

Raising the theme -  Redefining Education, Learning, and Teaching in the 21st. Century: The Past, Present and Future of Sustainable School Effectiveness, the 27th ICSEI Annual Conference is designed to pull  together a number of current and critical issues for researchers, policy makers and practitioners, as they work with the complexity of making significant change in educational structures, policies, beliefs and practices to improve schooling for all students and allow schooling to adjust to changing contexts over time.  In particular, this conference is designed to share and examine contemporary and leading edge thinking through conceptions of learning and of change.  In short, the 27th ICSEI Annual Conference theme is not only challenging, but also inspiring and forward-looking.

The core of the ICSEI research base of school effectiveness, school improvement and innovation points to the a fundamental principle that change is uncertainty littered with possibility, and it depends on learning ?learning for students, but also learning for teachers, leaders, educational organizations, and communities.  Change depends on people making sense of new ideas and determining how they apply to the local context, a context that is embedded in layers of mutually influencing local, regional, and national histories and cultures, as well as increasingly being part of global environments and communities.  How people approach learning will determine all other aspects of schooling?curriculum models and implementation, learning management, school management and leadership, teacher education,  learning assessment and educational evaluation. Because paradigms of learning are changing rapidly, a regular re-examination of learning theory and of its influences on educational change is very relevant in understanding and utilizing the educational change knowledge base within the different contexts that make up the ICSEI community.

Your participation will certainly support the achievement of the conference aims to:

  • engage the participants in  an informed, critical and insightful dialogue about enhancing student learning for all students in all settings in all countries, a dialogue about what works, how it works, and what it takes to make things work.

  • strengthen national and international educational networks to promote powerful research about school effectiveness, school improvement and innovation and to engage researchers, policy makers and practitioners in ongoing conversations about the interpretation and the application of research in practice.

  • critically examine the strengths and weaknesses of different theoretical paradigms of learning and to explore how different conceptions frame and influence educational change efforts, especially in a global, knowledge-based, technologically wired context.

Please bring your innovative ideas and experiences as well as inspirations to the conference and join the discussion.  We look forward to warmly welcoming you in Yogyakarta, a region coloured by peaceful and harmonious pluralistic social life and also a region rich in cultural heritage, featuring the greatest Prambanan Hindu Temple, the Borobudur Buddhist Temple, the Sultan Palace

Suwarsih Madya
Chair, The Conference Organising Committee