The congress will be held mainly in Royal Ambarrukmo Hotel (R.A.H.) Yogyakarta and in the campus of Yogyakarta State University (YSU). These two areas are close to each other. To bridge the two venues the committee will provide some shuttle buses.  

Royal Ambarrukmo Hotel is a historical hotel built in 1966 but is recently renovated and transformed into a classical yet modern heritage. Every room has a balcony with views of either Merapi Mountain or Yogyakarta community dwelling. One of the dinners will be held in Kedaton, a royal residence built in 1857 by Hamengku Buwono VI, the Sultan of Yogyakarta.

Picture 1. Royal Ambarrukmo Hotel, Yogyakarta-Indonesia: The 27th ICSEI Main Venue

Picture 2. The Kedaton of Royal Ambarrukmo Hotel: The 27th ICSEI's Folk Performances and Dinner will take place here

Picture 3. Ballroom of Royal Ambarrukmo Hotel: The 27th ICSEI General Meetings Venue

Picture 4. Royal Ambarrukmo Hotel: an Example of the 27th ICSEI Parallel Meetings Venue

Some activities such as Pre Conference, Music and Dance Night and Post Conference will be held in YSU campus, approximately 8 minutes from Royal Ambarrukmo Hotel.

Picture 5. Auditorium of Yogyakarta State University: Pre Conference and Music and Dance Night will take place here