Theme, subthemes and types of sessions for ICSEI 2014


The 27th Annual ICSEI Conference will take place in Yogyakarta, Indonesia from Jan 2 to Jan 7, 2014.  The conference theme - Redefining Education, Learning, and Teaching in the 21st Century: The Past, Present and Future of Sustainable School Effectiveness is designed to pull together a number of current and critical issues for researchers, policy makers and practitioners, as they work with the complexity of making significant change in educational structures, policies, beliefs and practices to improve schooling for all students and allow schooling to adjust to changing contexts over time.  In particular, this conference is designed to share and examine contemporary and leading edge thinking through conceptions of learning and of change.


Subtheme 1:
School Effectiveness, School Improvement and School Transformation - What do they Mean in Different Contexts and Different Paradigms

Subtheme 2:
Exploring the Relationship between Standard-Based Education and Educational Change


  • School leadership for effective teaching and learning in different socio-cultural contexts

  • Effective teachers and professional development in different socio-cultural contexts

  • Classroom practices in different cultural contexts: factors supporting successes and factors leading to failures

  • Effective curriculum management under different teaching and learning paradigms and cultural contexts

  • The role of families and communities in enhancing school effectiveness and improvement

  • Learning, assessment and evaluation in different cultural contexts

  • School cultures in relation to school effectiveness

  • Using evidence for decision making in different cultural contexts

  • Educational governance in different cultural contexts


  • Educational standards, equity and quality in education

  • Educational standards and curriculum development

  • Managing education with national standards in different systems of education

  • Assessment and evaluation in standards-based education

  • Teacher development in standards-based education

  • Leadership for school effectiveness in standard-based education

  • Fostering creativity and 21st C learning in standard-based education

  • The roles of families and communities in standards-based education

Subtheme 3:
Exploring and Understanding Contemporary Approaches to Teaching and Learning

Subtheme 4:
Future Thinking: Imagining Education, Learning and Transformation in 21st Century Schooling


  • Research from school effectiveness and school improvement using different models of learning

  • Assessment and evaluation in different models of learning

  • Professional learning for initial teacher education and for experienced teachers using different models of learning

  • School leadership and management in different models of learning

  • Curriculum models in different models of learning

  • Supervision approaches to learning

  • School culture and models of learning


  • Determining criteria for effective schools in the 21st C

  • Implications for effective teaching and professional learning in the 21st C 

  • Leading and improving schools in the 21st C

  • Interschool collaboration in the 21st C

  • Intersector collaboration in the 21st C

  • School management and governance in the 21st C



Types of sessions

  • Individual paper proposals. Accepted proposals will be assigned to multiple paper sessions.

  • Symposium proposals. Symposia are intended to be interactive 90 minute sessions that allow for more in-depth examination of a specific topic or experience (research findings, policy issue, school improvement initiative, research methods).

  • Poster proposals. Poster sessions combine the visual display of illustrative materials with the opportunity for individualized informal discussion of the research or school improvement experience between the presenter and interested conference participants who visit the poster site.