07.30 ? 08.30

Leadership Network Meeting

                Leaders: Jacob Easley II and Pierre Tulowitzki

Pasewakan I

Policymakers, Politicians and Practitioners (3P) Network Meeting

                Leaders: Anton Florek and Boudewijn van Velzen

Pasewakan II

08.30 ? 10.00

Plenary Session (Policy, Practice and Research Debate)

                Presenters: Suwarsih Madya, Lynn Brown and Daniel Muijs

                Chair: Anthony Mackay

Kasultanan I+II

10.00 ? 10.30

Coffee Break


Paper Session #5

10.30 ? 12.00

Theme 1, 2 & 4

Pasewakan I

Chair: Lyn Sharrat

Perspectives on Principal Leadership Competencies: Two Case Studies in Southern Mexico

                Rubi Surema Peniche Cetzal and Edith Cisneros-Cohernour

IJburg College - Amsterdam - The Netherlands: Project-based Learning in a Learning Community

                Mark van der Pol and Freek Wevers

The Efficacy of Simulations for Administrator Preparation

                Charol Shakeshaft and Dale Mann

10.30 ? 12.00

Theme 1

Pasewakan II

Chair: Simon Clarke

School Development and School Quality of All-Day Schools - Results of the Largest German Reform Program

                Heinz Guenter Holtappels

The Vajra Academy - Student Centered, Ecofriendly and Social Responsible Private Education in Nepal

                Boudewijn A.M. van Velzen and Udit Bhatta

The Effective Principal Leadership Factors in Chinese Context

                Hechuan Sun and Xiaodong Wang

10.30 ? 12.00

Theme 1

Trajumas I

Chair: Michele Striepe

The Local?National?Global Nexus of Education Change

                Niall Mackinnon

Assessing State Education Agency Capacity to Lead Large-Scale Change Initiatives

                Danette Parsley




Paper Session #5 (cont.)

10.30 ? 12.00

Theme 2

Trajumas II

Chair: Doug Livingstone

The Standardization of School-based Assessment: Cases on Biology and  Indonesian Language in Senior High School

                Bambang Subali and Pujiati Suyata

A Study of the School Administrative Support and the Elementary School Teachers? Attitude on Teacher Evaluation for Professional Development

                Juei Hsin Wang

Outcome Evaluation and Improving the Quality of Teacher Education Institutions

                Nurhening Yuniarti

10.30 ? 12.00

Theme 3

Pemandengan I

Chair: Peter Hayes

Windows on Worlds: Using Visual Research Methods in School Improvement Studies

                Doug Hamilton

Alternative Teacher evaluations of Data Teams as a Tool to Shift Teacher Beliefs and Practices in Line with Performance Assessments

                Vanessa Karwan and Janet Chrispeels

Increasing Literacy Outcomes and Learner Confidence in Remote Rural Schools in British Columbia

                Paige Fisher

10.30 ? 12.00

Theme 1


Chair: Lisa Halstead

Impact of Teacher Development on Student Outcomes and Progress: Evidence from China

                Sally Thomas and Wen Jung Peng

Multi-Campus Colleges in South Africa: Challenging Capabilities of Principals in Leading and Managing Institutional Transformation

                Miranda N. Mgijima


Professional Learning Community Development in High Schools: Conceptualizing the PLC Process through a Global Perspective



                Jane B. Huffman, Dianne Olivier, Ting Wang, Peiying Chen, Hairon Salleh, Nicholas Sun-keung Pang


10.30 ? 12.00

Theme 4

Pemandengan II

Chair: Chris Chapman

Implementing a University-School Partnership Model at the University of Cape Town, South Africa

                Patti Silbert and  Jonathan Clark

The Knowledge Network Rotterdam Talent, Contributions to the Issues of the Knowledge Gap

                Tomislav Tudjman, Olga Treep, Sabine Severiens, Frans Spierings

Exploring the Link between Professional Learning Communities and Beginning Teachers? Professional Development in Differentiated Instruction

                Debbie De Neve, Benedicte Vanblaere and Geert Devos




Paper Session #5 (cont.)

10.30 ? 12.00

Theme 3

Pemandengan IV

Chair: Catalina Lomos

Critical Race Theory and the Proliferation of Charter Schools

                Thandeka K. Chapman

The Practice of Assessment for Learning Strategies in Hong Kong Kindergartens

                Nicholas Sun-Keung Pang and Zoe Lai-mei Leung

School Based Assessment (SBA): Moral Education

                Vishalache Balakrishnan

Symposium #5

10.30 ? 12.00

Learning from Excellence: The German School Award Program and Its Academy

The Kraton I

                Symposium organizers:  Roman Roesch and Michael Schratz

Quality Standards, Indicators and Diagnostic Processes as a Lever for School and System Improvement: Research Findings and Implications for Policy and Practice

Kasultanan I+II

                Symposium organizers:  Ludwig van Broekhuizen and Annette Bohling

Leading Systems Change in Scotland ? Challenges of Implementation

Kasultanan III

                Symposium organizers:  Margery McMahon and Graham Donaldson


Congress Closing and Wrap Up

Kasultanan I+II

                Chair: Alma Harris





ICSEI Board Post Conference Meeting


Post Conference

                Facilitator: Kim Schildkamp

Kasultanan I+II