Conference Rundown

Issue 1 - 3 Jan

Networking Opportunities, Is It Truly Implemented or
Just a Ritual?, Welcoming Participants of the ICSEI, The Old Religious Tradition of Yogyakarta

Issue 2 - 4 Jan

The 27th ICSEI Opening Ceremony, Yogyakarta Takes Indonesia Into Your Heart, The
Implementation of Curriculum 2013, The City of Education and Culture

Issue 3 - 5 Jan

The Challenges of BOS, The Importance of Social Infrastructure in Schools, Redefining the Role of Schools, All can Dance and Play Traditional Music

Issue 4 - 6 Jan

State of The Art Session: When The Teacher Effectiveness is on Demand, Seeking the Satisfaction
of Beginning Teachers, Professional Learning in Action, ?ICSEI to Remember?

Issue 5 - 7 Jan

The 27th ICSEI Afterglow: ?We Succeed Because We Have One Vision?, ?
Less is (sometimes) more?, Connecting the Practitioners, Policy Makers and Researcher, The
Success for All, The Hardwork is Paid Off, Conference photos