Annual Conference - 2001-2010


23rd ICSEI Conference
5-8 January 2010

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

"Empowering Schools for Learning: From Improvement Policy to Effective Practice"



22nd ICSEI Conference
4-7 January 2009

Vancouver, British Columbia

"New Departures for a Learning World of Quality and Equality"

Keynote Presentations


21st ICSEI Conference
6-9 January 2008

Auckland, New Zealand

"Educative Partnerships for Schooling Improvement and Effectiveness"

Opening Presidential Address

First conference to showcase New Researchers' Presentations

Conference chair: Mary Sinclair, Cognition Education Research Trust

Attendees: 400 participants from 28 countries


  • Synergy: coherence across educative partnerships
  • Social justice: partnerships for equity
  • Student partnerships: Students as partners in their own learning
  • Sustainability: Educative partnerships for sustainability

Conference opened by: Secretary for Education and Chief Executive of the Ministry of Education

Keynote presenters: Russell Bishop (New Zealand), Susan Rona (Canada and Hungary), Kari Smith (Norway), Ben Levin (Canada), Helen Timperley (New Zealand), Viviane Robinson and Margie Hohepa (New Zealand), Nicola Meek (New Zealand)


20th ICSEI Conference
3-6 January 2007

Portoro?, Slovenija

"Professional Challenges for School Effectiveness and Improvement in the Era of Accountability"

Opening Presidential Address

Attendees: 300 participants from 40 countries


  • Accountability and autonomy - is there a link?
  • Global and national responses in the context of accountability and diversity
  • Professional responses to demands for public accountability
  • Effective practices in educational leadership, learning, teaching

Conference opened by: Slovenian State's Secretary of the Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology

Keynote presenters: Bernard Hugonnier (OECD), Tonči Anti Kuzmanić (Slovenia), Judyth Sachs (Austria), Jorunn M?ller (Norway), Lejf Moos (Denmark), Jim O'Brien (Scotland), Jaap Scheerens (the Netherlands), and panel of David Reynolds (England), Janet Chrispeels (USA), Larry Sackney (Canada), moderated by Tony Mackay (Australia)


19th ICSEI Conference
3-6 January 2006

Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA

"Embracing Diversity: New Challenges for School Effectiveness and Improvement in a Global Learning Society"

Opening Presidential Address

Conference chair: Tony Townsend, Florida Atlantic University

Attendees: 340 participants from 32 countries


  • The role of community in a globalized world
  • Technology, globalization and diversity
  • Education reform, policy and practice
  • Leadership for school effectiveness
  • The politics of diversity
  • Effective practices in teaching and learning

Conference was opened by the Mayor of Fort Lauderdale and the Superintendent of Broward Schools

Keynote presenters: Jonathan Jansen (South Africa), Michael Apple (USA), Pam Sammons (England), Tony Mackay (Australia), John MacBeath (England), Greetje van der Werf (the Netherlands), Andy Hargreaves (USA), Dean Fink (Canada), plus plenary panels: Judy Codding (USA), Brian Caldwell (Australia), Gene Carter (USA), Gerard Tirozzi (USA), Frank Till (USA)


18th ICSEI Conference
2-5 January 2005

Barcelona, Spain

"Breaking Boundaries: Radical Innovation in Education"

Keynote Presentations

Opening Presidential Address

Sixth ICSEI President: Leif Moos (Denmark)

Conference co-chairs: Juana M Sancho (University of Barcelona) and Fernando Hern?ndez (University of Barcelona)

Attendees: 650 from 48 countries


  • Learning from radical innovative experiences
  • From educational reform to educational transformation
  • The role of leadership in rethinking time, space and curriculum
  • New populations in educational institutions: inventing ways of teaching and learning
  • Inquiry-based teacher education: Taking into account teachers' lives
  • Inclusive education: rethinking democracy in educational scenarios
  • Beyond learning communities: promoting citizenship through the participation of the school community
  • Creating educational networks: new approaches to collaboration

Conference was opened by the General Secretary of the Spanish Ministry of Education and the General Director of Innovation of the Catalan Department of Education

Keynote presenters:Karen Seashore Louis (USA), Rosa Maria Torres (Ecuador), Steve Packer (UNESCO), David Istance (OECD), Mel Ainscow (England) Wambui Gathenya (Kenya), Nieves Blanco Garcia (Spain), Jan Robertson (New Zealand), Brian Diver (New Zealand), IES El Castell Team (Spain)


17th ICSEI Conference
6-9 January 2004

Rotterdam, the Netherlands

"Building Bridges for Sustainable School Improvement"

Keynote Presentations

Opening Presidential Address

Conference co-chairs: Marian Dekker (Department of Education, Rotterdam), Gerard van den Hoven (National Centre for School Improvement) Harry Broekema (Department of Education, Rotterdam)

Attendees: 380 participants from 37 countries


  • Teacher professionalism for school improvement
  • Partnership with the community for school improvement
  • External support for school improvement
  • Balance between innovation and accountability
  • Leadership for school improvement
  • Learning and teaching
  • Schools in challenging circumstances

Questions related to the themes:
What are the challenges to sustainable school improvement currently being faced in different


  How are these problems being addressed?

  What are the emerging solutions?

  In what ways are researchers, practitioners and policy makers working together to come up with

innovative ways to promote sustainable school improvement?

Conference opened by Dutch Minister of Education, Culture and Science

Keynote presenters: Tony Townsend (USA), Fred Korthagen (the Netherlands), Andy Hargreaves

(USA), Philip Hallinger (Thailand), Terry Wrigley (Scotland), Lorna Earl (Canada),


16th ICSEI Conference
5-8 January 2003

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia,

"Schooling the Knowledge Society"

Keynote presentations

Opening Presidential Address

Conference chair: Peter Cuttance, University of New South Wales

Attendees: 328 participants from 38 countries


  • Nature of learning
  • Challenging circumstances
  • Capacity building
  • Transformation and innovation

The sub-themes were explored in relation to four levels: student learning, learning environment, support systems, policy and regulation

Conference was opened by: Louise Stoll (ICSEI President)

Keynote presenters: David Hargreaves (England) Peter Cuttance (Australia), Eva Baker (USA), Peter Hill (USA), Michael Barber (England), Lynette Watts (Australia), Lysia Kee (Singapore), Brahm Fleisch (South Africa), Maris O'Rourke (World Bank and New Zealand), Ron Lake (Australia), Noema Williams (New Zealand), Sam Stringfield (USA), Peter Bucksin (Australia)


15th ICSEI Conference
3-7 January 2002

Copenhagen, Denmark

"Democratic Learning"

First conference with a guest speaker who was a school student: the Chair of Union of Secondary Students in Denmark and a symposium conducted by students involved in the Learning School Project

Conference chair: Leif Moos, Danish University of Education

Attendees: 400 participants from 35 countries


  • School effectiveness and democratic learning?
  • Values and education
  • Diversity and cultures
  • Children's participation
  • Democratic teaching
  • Democratic leadership
  • The physical environment for learning

Conference was opened by the Danish Minister of Education and the Swedish Minister of Education

Keynote presenters: John MacBeath (England), Per Schultz J?rgensen (Denmark), Michael Schratz (Austria), Kathryn Riley (England), Karen Seashore Louis (USA), Jorunn M?ller (Norway), Cheng Kai Ming (Hong Kong), Mats Ekholm (Sweden)


14th ICSEI Conference
5-9 January 2001

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

"Equity, Globalization and Change: Education for the 21st Century"

Fifth ICSEI President: Louise Stoll (England)

Conference co-chairs: Alison Griffith. York University and Cecilie Reynolds (programme chair), OISE/University of Toronto

Attendees: 800, from approximately 40 countries.


  • Change issues in leadership, teaching and learning
  • Reflections on research on school effectiveness and improvement
  • Technologies, innovation and change
  • Alternative voices for education


Conference was opened by ICSEI President and Mayor of Toronto.

Welcome messages in the conference brochure from the Canadian Prime Minister and the Premier of Ontario

Keynote presenters: David Hopkins (England), Jane Kenway (Australia), Stephen Lewis (Canada), Berit As (Norway), Beatrice Avalos (Chile), Yin Cheong Cheng (Hong Kong), Miriam David (England), Andy Hargreaves (Canada), Ann Lieberman (USA), Heather-jane Robertson (Canada), George Sefa Dei (Canada), Dorothy Smith (Canada), Tony Townsend (Australia), Gabby Weiner (Sweden), Lois Weis (USA), John Willinsky (Canada)



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