Annual Conference - 1991-2000


13th ICSEI Conference
3-6 January 2000

Hong Kong

"Global Networking for Quality Education"

Included school visits in both Hong Kong and China

Conference chair: Moses Cheng, Chairman, Board of Education

Attendees: 1000 attendees from 38 countries


  • Impact of globalization and mega-trends on schooling and effectiveness
  • Information technology and school change and education innovations
  • Curriculum, teaching and learning, and evaluation process for quality education
  • Leadership, school-based management and management process for school reforms and improvement
  • Teacher education, performance, professional development and school improvement
  • Community involvement in school effectiveness and improvement

Conference opened by Chief Secretary for Administration, Hong Kong SAR; Secretary for Education and Manpower, Hong Kong SAR; and Vice Minister, Ministry of Education, The People's Republic of China

Keynote presenters: Michael Fullan (Canada), Kai-ming Cheng (Hong Kong SAR), Ruth Hayhoe and Yin-Cheong Cheng (Hong Kong SAR), Michael Barber, (England), Peter Mortimore (England), Lan YE (China), Brian Caldwell (Australia)


12th ICSEI Conference
3-6 January 1999

San Antonio, Texas, USA

"Lifting the Profession: Teachers and Schools for the New Millennium"

Fourth ICSEI President: Tony Townsend (Australia)

Conference co-chairs: John Moore and Thomas Sergiovanni, Trinity University, and Sam Stringfield, Johns Hopkins University

Attendees: 926 people attended from 25 countries


  • Leadership for change
  • New designs for teaching, learning and schooling, preparing teachers for the 21st century
  • Professional development for restructured schools
  • Qualitative and quantitative advances in school effectiveness research

Conference was opened by: Professor Linda Darling Hammond, Stamford University, USA

Keynote presenters: James Comer (USA), Linda Darling-Hammond (USA), John Anderson (USA), Louise Stoll (England), Fanny Law (Hong Kong), Miguel Antonio Meza Estrada (Mexico), Sandra Feldman and Bob Chase (USA)


11th ICSEI Conference
4-7 January 1998

Manchester, England

"Reaching Out to All Learners"

First conference with attendees from over 50 countries

Conference chair: Paul Clarke, Manchester University

Attendees: over 550 participants from 61 countries

No sub-themes

Keynote titles:

  • Reaching out to all learners: lessons from experience
  • Theory in practice: facilitating effective teaching using cycles of action research and in-depth classroom studies
  • The emotional politics of educational change
  • Improving school effectiveness
  • The role of a school within the South African context

Conference opened by the Minister for School Standards

Keynote presenters: Mel Ainscow (England), Adrienne Alton-Lee (New Zealand, Andy Hargreaves (Canada), Marlene Lockheed (World Bank), John MacBeath (Scotland), Father Smangaliso Mkhatshwa (South Africa), plus international panel - David Reynolds, (England), Janet Chrispeels (USA), Peter Mortimore (England), Joe Murphy (USA), Louise Stoll (England), Sam Stringfield (USA), Bert Creemers (the Netherlands), Tony Townsend (Australia)


10th ICSEI Conference
5-8 January 1997

Memphis, Tennessee, USA

"A World of World Class Schools"

Third ICSEI President: Janet Chrispeels (Canada)

First conference with school visits

Conference Chair: Sam Stringfield, Johns Hopkins University

Over 625 participants from 31 countries.

Focus on examining diverse methods for creating and sustaining 'world class' educations for all young people, highlighting eight designs sponsored by New American Schools. No sub-themes

Keynote titles:

  • New American Schools: Working to make high performance schools the norm in Memphis and Nationwide
  • Roots and Wings and Success for All: a quarter of a million children achieving
  • Creating high performing learning communities in secondary schools
  • Third International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMMS): results and implications
  • Training new leaders for reform
  • Shaking the foundations: research driven school reform
  • The state of school effectiveness and improvement: evidence from Memphis and the world

Conference opened by the Mayor of Memphis, the Tennessee State Commissioner of Education and the Superintendent of Memphis City Schools

Keynotes: John Anderson (USA), Bob Slavin (USA), Karen Seashore Louis (USA), Albert Beaton (TIMMS), Kenneth Wilson (USA, Nobel prize winner), Peter Hill (Australia), plus international panel - KC Wong (Hong Kong), Joe Murphy (USA), Bert Creemers (the Netherlands), Janet Chrispeels (USA), David Reynolds (England), Tony Townsend (Australia)


9th ICSEI Conference
3-6 January 1996

Minsk, Belarus

"Educational Leadership for the 21st Century"

Conference Chair: Iouri Zagoumennov, Minsk Institute for Improving Qualification and Re-Training of Educational Administrators and Specialists, Director of Educational Centre for Leadership Development

Number of attendees: 350 from 17 countries


  • Site-based management
  • Total Quality Management
  • Higher order thinking
  • Study skills development

Conference opened by Dr. Vladimir Rusakevich, Vice-Prime Minister of the Republic of Belarus

Keynote presenters: Vassiliy Strazhev (Belarus), Victor Bolotov (Russia), Gwendolyn Calvert Baker (US Committee for UNICEF), Tatiana Shamova (Russia), Dale Mann (USA)


8th ICSEI Conference
3-6 January 1995

Leeuwarden, the Netherlands

"School Effectiveness and School Improvement: Making Better Links"

Second ICSEI President: Larry Sackney (Canada)

Conference Chairs: Rinze Boersma, University of Leewarden, and Bert Creemers, University of Groningen

Number of attendees: Approximately 300


  • Instructional effectiveness
  • Policy making
  • Quality management
  • Team enforcement

Conference opened by Loek Hermans, Commissioner of the Queen of the Netherlands in Friesland

Keynote presenters: Robert Slavin (USA), Bert Creemers (the Netherlands), David Reynolds (England), William Boyd (USA)


7th ICSEI Conference
3-6 January 1994

Melbourne, Australia

"Quality, Equality and the Outcomes of Schooling: Imperatives for Global Development"

First ICSEI President: Hedley Beare

First conference with a title

Conference chair: Brian Caldwell, Melbourne University


  • School improvement processes
  • Instructional and school processes and their effects
  • The organisation and management of schools and schooling
  • Culture, values and school effectiveness

Conference opened by Hedley Beare, President of ICSEI

Attendance: Approximately 575 participants from 36 countries

Keynote presenters: Ken Leithwood (Canada), Judy Codding (USA), Yin Cheong Cheng (Hong Kong), Elena Lenskaya (Russia), Judith Chapman (Australia), Barry McGaw (Australia)


6th ICSEI Conference
3-6 January 1993

Norrk?ping, Sweden

Conference chairs: Lennart Klintestam, Norrk?ping School District and Lennart Grosin, Stockholm University and the Department of Education

Attendance: Approximately 200 participants from 25 countries

Conference opened by the Minister of Education


  • Improvement
  • Instruction and learning
  • School management
  • Staff working climate
  • School effects
  • Frame factors - size, grade structures, educational authorities etc
  • Concept analysis
  • Teacher training
  • School process factors

Keynote presentations from: Peter Mortimore (England), Karen Seashore Louis (USA), Paul Ramsden (Australia), Louise Stoll (England) and Dean Fink (Canada)


5th ICSEI Conference
2-5 January 1992

Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

This was the first conference to host a conference dinner

Conference chair: Larry Sackney, University of Saskatoon

Attendees: 550 attendees, from 42 countries

Conference opened by the Minister of Education for BC, the Mayor of Victoria, and the President of the University of Victoria. In addition, the Aboriginal community were part of the opening ceremonies


  • Research on effective schools, school improvement, performance indicators and research methodologies
  • Relationship between school effectiveness and school improvement
  • Attributes of effective schools and impact of context
  • School improvement projects
  • Next phases of school improvement
  • Statistical modelling
  • Research networking

Keynote presenters: Joe Murphy (USA), Michael Huberman (Switzerland), Peter Mortimore (England), Wayne Deharney (Canada).


4th ICSEI Conference
4-6 January 1991

Cardiff, Wales

Conference chair: Dave Reynolds, University College Cardiff

Attendees: 270 people.


  • Research on identification of effective schools, school evaluation, performance indicators and statistical and methodological issues in effectiveness research
  • Characteristics of effective schools
  • Relationship between school effectiveness and school improvement and educational administration and policy making
  • School improvement projects, whether based on school effectiveness research or not

Conference opened by the Principal of University of Wales and civic reception hosted by the Lord Mayor of Cardiff

Keynote presentations from Michael Fullan, (Canada), David Hargreaves (England), Peter Mortimore (England), David Reynolds (Wales)



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