ICSEI's ethical stance regarding inclusion and diversity

ICSEI is a global community collaborating for enhanced quality, equity, and excellence in education, related to effectiveness and improvement. ICSEI's purpose is to have an impact on the quality of education by providing an international forum for researchers, policy makers, and practitioners. Our community comes together to:

  •     share ideas,

  •     conduct and promote research,

  •     develop knowledge, policies, and practices,
  •     innovate as world-class leaders in enhancing the quality and equity of education for all people around the world.

ICSEI strives to be a community that is internationally inclusive for all its members. ICSEI further strives to ensure that every member and participant has an equal, unhindered opportunity to fully participate and engage with ICSEI Congresses and other activities, regardless of cultural, religious, racial/ethnic, and socio-economic backgrounds, sexual orientation, or gender, in a safe space of intellectual openness, free presentation, and exchange of evidence and ideas. ICSEI strives to embrace diversity and recognizes it as a source of strength and value for all.

As a global community, ICSEI tries to advance education everywhere and to enable professionals in education to learn from and contribute to the global conversation about educational effectiveness and improvement through dialogue and the exchange of ideas. We believe that we can improve the world and make it more inclusive through education. In order to do so, our discussions and decisions about where to hold particular Congresses take into account the opportunities for participation of and exchange with professionals from many countries, faiths, and identities on the one hand, and the policies of their governments on the other.

To these ends, the ICSEI Board has taken various steps towards to make ICSEI more inclusive. In addition, it has developed and implemented a strategy for improving Diversity and Generational Renewal.

As part of this, a Standing Committee on Diversity and Generational Renewal is being created to continuously monitor and update the ICSEI constitution, bylaws, and Congress Guidelines to ensure that the values laid out in this statement are reflected therein.