Call for applications to lead the new ICSEI Standing Committee on Diversity and Generational Renewal

In 2015, the ICSEI Board undertook a set of interviews with a sample of ICSEI members to determine perceptions of ICSEI and suggestions for its future. One outcome of the evidence collected was to establish a Working Group on Diversity and Generational Renewal (DAGR).

The DAGR working group proposed and began to implement a number of changes in response to this agenda, including changing the collective profile of keynote speakers at Congresses, developing more innovative formats to encourage wider participation on the main stage, making more direct references to diversity and generational renewal in the content of ICSEI, replacing the Gala Dinner with more inclusive and inexpensive celebratory options, and altering Congress guidelines so future planning teams will take active note of diversity and generational renewal factors in designing the content and form of Congresses.

Recognizing the importance of a sustained commitment towards diversity, inclusion and generational renewal, the DAGR group with support of the ICSEI Board has decided to establish a Standing Committee on Diversity and Generational Renewal that will persist beyond the present Board. Its terms of reference are to

  •     develop strategies and initiatives for improvement for ICSEI with regard to diversity, inclusion and generational renewal.

  •     review ICSEI's positions in terms of equity and diversity, as reflected in the current ethical stance, Congress guidelines, the ICSEI constitution and by-laws.

  •     establish a clear statement in Congress guidelines about how these principles must be upheld with due regard for inclusion of and sensitivity towards multiple forms of diversity, and with assurance that Congress content in any chosen venue will be presented in free and open dialogue within a context of safety and dignity for all presenters.

  •     develop a policy of ethical risk assessment as part of ICSEI's overall approach to risk assessment for Congresses and other activities.

  •     undertake cyclical reviews of ICSEI policies and activities to ensure maintenance of and continuous improvement in diversity and generational renewal as a deliberate and embedded feature of ICSEI's purposes and operations.

We are looking for one ICSEI member to head this new Standing Committee. Within the existing Constitution and bylaws, the ICSEI Board may co-opt an ICSEI member (who is in financial good standing) that will enhance the Committee's representation and effectiveness.

Applications will be reviewed by the ICSEI Board. The review will be completed by the end of July 2018.

Applications and any inquiries should be sent to [email protected].

Closing date for applications June 30 2018

Andy Hargreaves

ICSEI President