ICSEI Membership

ICSEI?s members come from more than 50 countries and represent the continents of the world. They are researchers, school and district leaders, teachers, local and national policy makers and politicians, NGO personnel, and consultants, brought together by their passion and shared commitment to make a positive difference for all young people.

ICSEI members are part of a dynamic network who explore ways of improving schools for students, for those who teach them and for the adults who lead them. Members contribute to a strong and influential research tradition.

Other benefits of membership include discounted rates for the annual Congress, Congress proceedings during and after Congress, access to quality journals, regular e-newsletters, and a selection of international specialist networks that provide forums and blogs on now, new and next issues and opportunities.  Many learning opportunities are accessed through the members? only sections of the ICSEI website.

ICSEI aims to be an organisation where members contribute as well as receiving benefits. We hope that you will be willing to lead internet discussions, set up regional associations and come up with other ideas to enhance ICSEI's ability to play a positive role in school effectiveness and improvement worldwide.

Join ICSEI directly through the website, by mail, fax or email, and when registering for the ICSEI Congress and other ICSEI events.