President's Report to the ICSEI AGM 2007, Portoroz

ICSEI is entering its twenties year. Four years ago we decided to develop a new structure. We did that in order to be able to continue to play a critical role in enhancing and sustaining the discussion on school effectiveness and improvement worldwide and also in order to better be able to adjust to changing demands. Therefore we also decided to give our members the opportunity to prescribe to a number of journals at reduced rates.

ICSEI Secretariat

The ICSEI Secretariat is based in the Netherlands and has for three years been lead by our treasurer Gerard H. van den Hoven. Thanks to him, Corrie de Heus and colleagues in the Secretariat we are now in a situation where thing run smoothly and we have for 2006 registered 225 members from 50 to 60 countries around the world.


The newsletter is both on email and on the web site. By the end of 2006 there have been 8 issues with news of research, evaluations, development projects, policy initiatives, publications, network and connected organisations, graduate students news, members? news and feature articles. There have been contributions from Armenia, Argentina, Australia, Bangladesh, Brazil, Canada, China, England, Hong Kong, Iceland, Ireland, Israel, Lithuania, Mexico, Moldovia, the Netherlands, South Africa, Switzerland and the USA. The issues of the newsletter are very qualified and interesting, thanks to the hard work of Louise Stoll, Debra Brydon and from 2005 on Thoni Hotveen. It is difficult to get contributions, so please do not hesitate to contact the editors with good ideas and contributions.

The ICSEI Mission

Starting in Fort Lauderdale we are working on the Mission in order to develop a stronger and contemporary text that can position ICSEI in an active role in the international contexts. There was a session in Fort Lauderdale, we forwarded a new text in the newsletter in the summer, asking members to respond. Unfortunately nobody did, so we decided to put it to the front at this conference too: The questionnaire and the two last sessions tomorrow where we hope that members will participate actively in getting the mission up to date.


The Fort Lauderdale conference was an exciting and wonderful conference. More than 330 attendees and keynote speakers from almost 50 countries around the globe made the conference a lively meeting place. I would like to express the Board?s warm thanks to Tony Townsend and his colleagues in the planning committee. ICSEI 2007 is well underway with approximately 320 attendees and a long list of esteemed keynote speakers, symposia and presentations thanks to Andrej Kor?n and his colleagues in the organizing committee. On behalf of the Board I express a warm thank to them too and that goes to the partner organisations and sponsors in both Fort Lauderdale and in Portoroz too.

Sponsoring attendance at the conference

It is costly attending an ICSEI conference, so if you live in a developing country and work in a poor university or community it can be too expensive. The ICSEI Board therefore has decided to try and set aside a sum of money every year to be able to sponsor a few needy colleagues. This year we have been able to sponsor 6 persons. Three of tehm are present here, three did not come to the conference. I hope that we shall be able to find sponsors and also to register more members in the future so we can help even more.

Website and networks

The website ( is being developed as need be. Four networks have their own communication rooms: ?Network for School Leadership, Leadership development?, Network for Research in Educational Effectiveness?, Network for Capacity Building? and ?Education Policy Network.? Some communication is taking place in the networks, but the system is not over-loaded. I hope that now the membership situation is under control, that troubles with pass-words etc. are solved and that this will encourage networks to make use of the facilities. The website is run by Janus Moos. Feel free to contact him ([email protected]).


In 2006 ICSEI has been approached by two associations that request a close collaboration with ICSEI. ?The National Association of School Effectiveness and School Improvement in China?, with which we have signed a memorandum of Understanding, and ?The International Networking for Educational Transformation? (iNet). The Board finds this is a very interesting and important development and we are discussing ways of developing that kind of relations/collaborations that can help us being a major player in the educational development and discussions and attract more members.


We have negotiated agreement with a number of publishers for members of ICSEI to be able to subscribe to the journals at low and very competitive prices. Those 13 journals English, German, Spanish languages are:

  • School Effectiveness and School Improvement (SESI) (Taylor & Francis Group Ltd),
  • Journal f?r Schulentwicklung (Studienverlag),
  • School Leadership and Management (Taylor and Francis),
  • International Journal of Leadership in Education (Taylor and Francis),
  • The Australian Educational Leader (AEL) (Australian Council for Educational Leaders),
  • Leading and Managing (Australian Council for Educational Leaders),
  • Educational Leadership (The Association for Super-vision and Curriculum Development),
  • Improving Schools (Sage Publishers),
  • New Zealand Journal of Educational Leadership (NZJEL Publisher),
  • Revista Electr?nica Iberoamericana sobre Calidad, Eficacia y Cambio en Educaci?n (Iberoamerican Electronic Journal about Quality,
  • Effectiveness and Change in Education and Leadership (Taylor and Francis)
  • Policy in Schools (Taylor and Francis).
  • Journal of Educational Change (Springer Publishers).


I think you will agree with me that ICSEI is an active and important association. It will only stay so, if you remember to tell all of your colleagues and friends to register as members. The Board is looking inot ways to increase the number of members, as we find the number too low. You will find information to that effect on the web site (

The Board

I would like to thank the whole Board for their hard work and support over this year. A special thank to the outgoing members: John Chi Kin, Wayne Garrison, Per Bregnegaard, Thoni Houtven. An a very special thank to Louise Stoll for her everlasting support and dedication.


Lejf Moos
ICSEI President

And now from the Past President

I would like to thank the AGM for the support given to me as a President and wish for the new Board and Presidency that they/we will get the same kind of support.

Lejf Moos
ICSEI Past President