Guidelines for sponsoring ICSEI Conference Attendees

Each year at the conference Board Meeting the ICSEI Board will decide on a budget for the following year for sponsoring conference attendees who are not in a situation to organise the payment of the ICSEI conference costs themselves. Conference costs might include travel costs, the conference fee and the hotel costs. The Board will decide who is able to receive sponsorships using the following criteria:

  • The person must be working in schools, school systems or undertaking educational research.
  • The person must be living in a country identified by the United Nations as a developing country.
  • The person must have some financial support from their home agency or provide evidence they have sought financial support from that country or other groups.
  • The person must provide a detailed statement of all costs and how costs not covered by ICSEI are to be covered personally.
  • Individuals will only be sponsored at most every three years unless special circumstances prevail (e.g. Board member, conference chair etc.)
  • The person must present a paper indicating the state of school effectiveness and improvement in their country and supply a copy to the Board.
  • The person must investigate, where possible, the possibility of holding an ICSEI conference in their country and report to the Board on their findings.

The ICSEI Board Committee will review applications and notify all applicants whether their application has been successful or not.  A letter of support will be provided for visa applications to successful applications. Letters of support can also be provided on request to unsuccessful applicants.

Please click here to download an application form.