3P Minutes

Minutes of network business meeting held in Auckland, New Zealand during ICSEI 2008 on January 9 2008 


Anton Florek (Co-chair)

Gerard Van den Hoven (Co-chair)

Coleen Jackson

Patrick Reslow

Karl Napieralla

Rob Mioch

Matz Nilsson

Liz Williams

Olle Ohammarl

Marian Hobbs

Birgitta Johansson

Elizabeth Eppel

Stephanie Pride

B Vanvelzen

Marian Decker



Those present agreed that the pattern of meetings (a combination of a network symposium and three breakfast meetings) which was introduced at ICSEI 2008 worked well and should be adopted for future ICSEI programmes.

After some discussion it was agreed that the network should no longer use the term ?professionals? as it was felt that the descriptor ?practitioners? could include all colleagues and would make the network more inclusive. AF was asked to change the logo to 3P and GVH was to inform the ICSEI Board of the change.

As a result of this change AF and GVH agreed to rewrite the terms of reference for the network and republish these  as soon as practicable in 2008.

Following extensive dialogue it was agreed that the focus of the network was clearly in the applied domain (but with a careful eye on research) and network members should expect any meeting of the network to focus primarily on the exchange of practice.

Colleagues felt that there was a moral purpose underpinning the work of the network, namely to  broaden the membership of the network ? particularly with regard to colleagues from the developing world countries and politicians.

It was agreed that the focus of the network for the next 12 months would be:



The group also approved the plans for the summer seminar in Scotland. The details for this are below.

Finally, members of the network elected Anton Florek and Gerad Van den Hoven to act as co-convenors of the network for a further two years.